Feb. 23rd, 2015

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--Tanaka Misako stars as a woman struggling to raise her three sons - played by Tamayama Tetsuji, Hayami Mokomichi and Nakao Akiyoshi - after her husband dies. Kuninaka Ryoko will appear as Tamayama's girlfriend, Chisato.

They don't know when to stop, and live life to the full—meet the never-a-dull-moment Sakurai family, where nobody holds their feelings back. Returning to serial drama for the first time in five years, Misako Tanaka and the three hyperactive sons provide a story with a heartbeat. Sakurai Harue (Tanaka) who has brought up her sons alone after her husband died, is absolutely hopeless at running a household. Her eldest, stickler Tatsuya (Tamayama), does the job in her place while keeping younger brothers Riku (Hayami), and Junpei (Nakao) firmly in line. The sparks are constantly flying, but that's the way it goes in this home. Tatsuya, a serious-minded advertising agency worker, and his brothers, an easy-going swimming instructor and rather naïve student, are three good-lookers who, along with their useless live-wire of a mother, keep getting into all sorts of scrapes—in love and at work. This is the Sakurai household, where everything hangs loose and everyone always speaks their mind. Tanaka says she really loves this 'perfect family.' They are sure to win your hearts too!

So first off, I love the interplay of the brothers, they are really amazing. Although we know the names of the Tamayama Tetsuji, Hayami Mokomichi, and Nakao Akiyoshi now, back in 2005 when this first came out they were just settling into their styles and were doing more modeling then acting. They worked well off of each other and wove a tale of comedic, dramatic, and realistic proportions.
The pictures are thanks to d-addicts and whomever posted them.

I highly recommend this series. The subs can be found here: https://www.d-addicts.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=25601

Although it's only episode 1 - 4, tianj and their team were great for subbing as much as they did. The rest of the subs were hardcoded and posted on d-addicts, but sadly they have been removed. If you'd like to see the show in it's entirety, please let me know and I will email tianj and see if they will let me share their hardsubs via mega.
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A true love story turned to bestselling novel, created from the Internet BBS, 2channel to blockbuster hit movie. Ito Misaki plays Aoyama Saori, working as an office lady at a MNC, gets into trouble with a drunkard on a train. She's saved by Yamada Tsuyoshi, played by Ito Atsushi. As a form of appreciation, she sends him Hermes teacups. Having no experience with the opposite sex, Tsuyoshi decides to ask for help on the Aladdin Channel BBS on how to interact with Saori.

An AMAZING series! It made me happy, sad, jealous, sad, then happy all in it's 11 episodes and special. I have to say, of Japanese men, I love Johnny's! Their looks, their style, and their overall skills excite me. With that said Ito Atsushi, in no ways a Johnny's, made me fall for him hard. His drive, his vulnerability, his humility, his strength and overall virtue was truly inspiring. I highly recommend this series for all those who feel that they are never good enough, hot enough, smart enough, or whatever enough to be with someone they love, and I hope that it inspires and reminds them that with true friends and a heartfelt drive they can do anything.

Subs: https://www.d-addicts.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=19530

As to raws, I sadly am no longer sure, I googled and ran through all the websites I usually do, but could not find them. I'll keep looking and update this post once I find them. theoretically, they can be found at Nyaa Torrents: https://www.nyaa.se/, but I say theoretically because it looks like there are little to no seeds. I will keep looking for a more stable source.
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(Sadly no daddicts, or asianwiki page for it)

So summary: Two highschool students, a rough tomboy girl and a gentle sensitive boy, end up having their bodies switched thanks to the girls scientific, and irresponsible, grandfather. This short 2005 series chronicles their hijinks, torments, and pseudo sexual exploration.

The series was cute, nothing overly exciting, and as I sit here writing this, I'm not too sure I recommend it. The manga was worlds better, and the series mainly tried to play off the sexual tension, and innuendo, then try to really tell any story.

This was a hardsub that I pulled from daddicts way back when. If you're interested I can email jewelchan, who subbed it, for permission to post it to mega and allow for download.
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Not sure who I'm writing this for, probably myself in the FUTURE WHAHAHAHAHA lol... but if anyone is interested I will be posting regularly from here on in to help pull from the painful nightmare my master's classes have become. I look forward to watching, reviewing and hoping that I can bring a smile to someone's face, other then my own.


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