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Kaiki daikazoku (The Great Horror Family) (2004)
Kiyoshi Imawano and his family move into a haunted house. The entire family, except the occult-obsessed father, gains the power to see ghosts and spirits. An undead monk, secret government agents, even UFOs start showing up. It's up to Kiyoshi to find out why the house is troubled by all these strange occurrences and save his family, and possibly the world, from inter-dimensional terrors.

A hysterical show starring Issei Takahashi (高橋一生), of such fame as One Pound Gospel with Kazuya Kamenashi and Mosaic Japan with Kento Nagayama. He is the main protagonist who has to deal with, with help of course, with all the supernatural and strange occurrences that transpire. I would recommend this show for many reasons but the main one being that it is like a long running funny b-movie that makes you laugh and relax throughout.

If it helps to attract to the series, in one episode Issei Takahashi is mostly naked for part of it:

I still lament the demise of video sharing on d-addicts but the whole series can be found on Avistaz ( with the subtitles. You would just have to register to get them. I would upload it but since I don't know who the original uploader and translator is, I don't want to inadvertently disrespect them.