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暴れん坊ママ (Wild Mom) (2007)
22-year old Kawano Ayu was brought up way out in the country. She's a rough-mannered tomboy. When she meets Tetsu, a divorced beautician, the two fall in love and get married. Immediately after their happy new life begins, they are visited by a 5-year old boy, Yuki, who claims to be Tetsu's son. Ayu reluctantly becomes the boy's mother, but has no idea how to raise a child. What's more, at kindergarten, she must confront the elegant mothers of the neighborhood. Ayu's humorous life as a rookie mother begins. --Fuji TV

I liked this show a lot. This show mainly demonstrated that it is important to stay true to who you are and your personal beliefs but also be understanding of others and how they may misunderstand you at times. Here we have a woman thrust into being the stepmother for a distant child and a clueless father expecting everything to just connect which honestly does, and does not, work out. We also see the trials of being a mother in an overly structured system where even the parents have a hierarchy within their child's school, which makes no sense to me because it is unnecessary and self-serving. This show takes some getting used to, especially since they play out the internal monologue on the actor's face which can be awesomely funny, or strangely weird. Overall, this series is definitely worth a watch and I believe would be enjoyed by most.

The subtitles can be found here:

The raws can be found here:, but if it is too difficult to join that site I can upload the raws, so please let me know.