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Kimi wa Pet

Season 01
Kimi wa Pet
--Smart, successful and good-looking Iwaya Sumire works for a big newspaper. However, her boss asks her to leave for being too "perfect" a woman. Feeling angry and dejected Iwaya returns home depressed, and most of all lonely. However, when she finds an unconscious young man lying in a box out the front of her home and takes him in. He looks like a dog she used to own called Momo. She dubs him Momo and decides to "keep him as a pet." It's the start of an unexpected life together as they overcome obstacles and become quite attached to one another. But can love like this exist?--

I believe this show is perfect for anybody in love with Matsumoto Jun! He acts like a pet, with the perfect puppy dog eyes while trying to get more involved with the woman who refuses quite stringently. The Korean movie that was made with the same premise ( I did not find as involving as this show, but a movie versus a season of drama could be the reason. I recommend this for the emotional roller-coaster that it is, as well as anybody in love with Matsumoto Jun will get to see him in all his youthful, and shirtless, glory.

Subs: Here are the hard-subbed shows bought to you by the wonderful subbers at Jtv via daddicts!

Matsujun Shirtless -- Need I Say More!
Pet Lover Ep 10.avi_snapshot_00.12_[2013.10.31_16.44.03]
Pet Lover Ep 10.avi_snapshot_00.30_[2013.10.31_16.44.46]

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